Dream Inspired Design is a celebration of our aliveness.

We create solar and wind powered websites, print on tree-free paper, plant trees for every website client to honor the Earth, ourselves, our ancestors, and the next seven generations: we are one and the same.

We support earth conscious products and businesses and all of our creations are heart based, infused with our essence.

We invite you to co~create with us and enjoy being someone who chooses: to ground your highest visions and dreams so that you may contribute your unique gifts to the world you want to live in.

Create in harmony. Anything is possible!


It is important to us to be good stewards of the Earth: in our personal lifestyles, in our professional practices, and in everything we do. This includes creating earth-powered websites, compostable promotional materials (tree-free paper with veg-based inks), planting fruit + moringa trees locally + globally, encouraging our clients to create in harmony with the the earth using reclaimed and renewable materials, and syncing our life + business cycles with the natural cycles of our planet and the moon.

Our muse. She inspires, connects, and propels us to continue giving our best.
We believe that beauty adds value to our experience of life. Co~creations made with the intention of being BEAUTIFUL are full of life + love, greatly treasured and enthusiastically shared.

Both in giving + receiving. We are attuned to this infinite flow.
We trust there is plenty to go around.
When we ALL create from this place, wonderful things happen.

The sweet spot, where we can all collaborate and contribute our unique gifts in service to the highest vision for ourselves, our projects, and the planet.


Ana Belén Salatino

Designer + Doer

I am here to help you ground your vision by bringing it into physical form. I can translate your company’s personality into a cohesive, vibrant, and exciting visual brand identity (typography, logo/mark, colors, etc) to be implemented across your businesses online and offline presence.

I received a Bachelor’s degree in Fine Art from University of California Santa Barbara in 2007 and I fell in love with design a few years after graduating, realizing that it was the perfect way to marry my admiration for beauty with my desire for function. I specifically chose this vocation so that I could offer my gifts in service to those visionaries committed to creating in harmony with our whole planet.

I put my heart and highest effort into what I create, seeking first to understand each client’s passion and mission in order to create from that birthplace of inspiration. I ensure that everything I make is Earth-conscious AND beautiful. I am also madly enamored with order and integrity, and so you can count on me to keep your project timeline flowing and master all the tasks we’ve agreed to.
Let’s get things DID!

Shelby Sanchez

Creative Strategist + Inspirer

I am here to energize and uplift other humans I come into contact with; aligning them with their highest visions and dreams. When we create and express from this place we become magnetic. Our lives and businesses harmonize with all creation.

My specialty is New Paradigm Marketing + Strategy and Photography. I hold a degree in Marketing from the University of Madison-Wisconsin. I have 9 years of experience consulting for innovators, visionaries, and new earth ecopreneurs. I am a passionate strategist and enjoy helping bring creative and inspiring ideas to life through actionable steps. I help identify solutions and tools to assist you and your business to ground and actualize your highest and most exciting visions. I effectively make sure your website communicates with crystal clarity who you are and what you are offering to the world….my gift is making sure everything is aligned and activating all dimensions of potential.

I am JOYfully in service to co~creating with others who are also here to realize an earth-conscious, beautiful, harmonious world that keeps the next seven generations in heart and mind.

We seek to co~create with those who also know


they are here to restore balance and harmony to our Earth NOW,

keeping the next seven generations in mind + heart.


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We love being green!