Business Structure Guidance Series: Invoicing Protocols

Welcome to our third post in our Business Structures Series. We share practices we implement in our own business in hopes of facilitating dialogue with other creative, conscious community of entrepreneurs like you. If inspired, please comment with any questions or additional advice you would like to share on the topic.

Are there protocols that have helped you with invoices? Any tips?

If you are going to start writing proposals and or contracts before working with a client make sure that your client is clear the days invoices will be sent to receive payment. Encourage them to write them into their calendar. We recommend sending invoices 3-4 days in advance of the due date if they need to send a check. Another conversation from the beginning can be their preferred form of payment: check, PayPal, card, cash, etc.

Make sure you have a late fee in place too to encourage clients to pay on time. If payment is not received on the due date, send a gentle reminder the following day.

What is your top invoicing tip you would like to add?