Business Structure Guidance Series: Moon Practices

Welcome to our sixth post in our Business Structures Series. We share practices we implement in our own business in hopes of facilitating dialogue with other creative, conscious entrepreneurs like you. If inspired, please comment with any questions or additional advice you would like to share on the topic.

Are there certain monthly practices that you recommend?


HARMONIZING WITH NATURAL WEEKLY CYCLES: Supports ease and flow in your business.

We recommend aligning your business with the cycles of the moon to align with the natural ebbs and flows of energy every cycle. Every new moon in our business we meet to reflect on the last moon cycle and also plant seeds~set intentions for the next moon cycle. By the full moon we celebrate what went well. We love this moon phase chart by Pink Elephant!

Full Moon
Feeling: creative, inspiring, nurturing, social, productive, celebratory, peak energy of the cycle
Doing: work and play hard, create new programs, write new blog posts, network, complete the tasks you dreamed about during the new moon

Waning Moon
Feeling: desire to clear, receding energy levels as you transition from full moon peak to new moon low
Doing: wrap things up and complete tasks- especially anything that’s been weighing on you, invoice, clear your desk and banish clutter, take care of any to-dos that will keep you from feeling restful and peaceful during the upcoming new moon

New Moon
Feeling: introspective and introverted, lowest energy of the cycle
Doing: rest, dream, nurture your creative side, make time for self care, make a vision board, set intentions and goals, gather with other women (if you have a mastermind group)

Waxing Moon
Feeling: more engaged, desire to prepare and order, energies gradually rise from waxing crescent through waxing gibbous moon
Doing: put in place the plans and structures needed to realize your new moon goals and intentions, update services or pricing, schedule meetings, communicate new ideas and write down thoughts for new projects, delegate tasks, plant metaphorical seeds

By following the specific stage of flow by the moon cycle, as the Chinese have done for over 5,000 years, there’s a right time to move fast and a right time to move slow.

“As in nature, all is ebb and tide, all is wave motion.” ~ Nikola Tesla

Imagine the moon as a wave, which begins with the last wave washing back from shore (New moon), building up into the next wave (First quarter), cresting as the next wave (Full moon) and breaking towards the shore (Third quarter). In our own business when we tune in to this cycle, it is amazing to see how much more results we achieve with far less effort and stress.

The word “Month” comes from the word “Moon”, and the word “Week” comes from “Turn”, with each week representing a seven-day quarter turn of the moon. When you work with a monthly frequency, there is a far more rapid review and renew spiral within your business. Having weekly + monthly metrics, financials, review sessions and goals supports more optimization and harmony in your business.

If you travel to Bali, India, China or any country where the culture is more connected to the moon cycle than the sun cycle (and where the biggest celebrations and festivals are linked to the moon), you will notice a distinct difference in the energy, which is a more “Yin” energy than a “Yang” energy.

In these cultures there is more of a focus on “flow” than “grow”, and more focus on connection than competition. What if the entire world of business has moved from hierarchies to networks, and from products to people? When you tune-in to a lunar frequency, you upgrade the energy within your culture to one that is more in sync with the natural world we live in today.

Our bodies and brains are 70% water, so tune-in to the moon’s cycle, and flow to bring your business and life into a higher state of harmony with nature’s intelligence.

“Never give up, for that is just the place and time that the tide will turn.” ~ Harriet Beecher Stowe

Do you follow a moon~thly flow that supports your business? Any moon practices you can share with us? If so, please leave a comment below.