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“The darlings at Dream Inspired Design asked all the right questions to help me hone my vision, and then created an image that was exactly what I wanted, but untold orders of magnitude better! The process of distilling years of dreaming into one image and tagline was an absolutely joyful & empowering one with Shelby and Ana guiding me. Thank you dear star sisters, thank you!!!”  ~ Amber, Aquarian Dawn


Hello friends! I’m Amber Magnolia Hill. I live in the Sierra foothills of Northern California. I’m a mama, herbalist, and writer. I help stressed, overwhelmed, and exhausted women learn home herbalism and simple self care techniques so that they can nourish their nervous systems and boost immunity, have clearer and more abundant energy, and simply FEEL BETTER. I’ve gotten super personal on my blog and Instagram account, so until I make the time to add more here please feel free to peruse those if you want the real dirt who I am and how I came to be here.


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    Aquarian Dawn
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