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“I put on my big girl nahuas (since I don’t wear chonnies) and told myself that I can practice my art, be who I am, earn a living helping people, and do so without fear in my heart, or womb. I contacted Dream Inspired Design (I’d been eyeing them for two years) and worked out a contract. I only had enough for the down payment, but trusted that if this was my path, that money would come. Money made it’s way, just in time for each payment to my developers. This might sound weird, but it felt so good sending Dream Inspired Design my money. So good. So right. Makes me want to pay them again, just to be reinvigorated.” ~Indigemama


Indigemama: Ancestral Healing helps women attain optimal health through traditional and modern holistic healing modalities.
Reconnect with your womb, your ancestry and Mother Earth.

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    Indigemama: Ancestral Healing
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