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“As a new small business owner with a mind that bends towards practicality, I was a bit hesitant about investing into the design and branding space because I’ve yet to come across a service that was affordable and worthwhile. My partner found Dream Inspire Design through social media in the midst of us needing a Logo redesign and ultimately a brand refreshing. I trusted her intuition that “these we’re the girls we needed” to help lift us up.

To date… it’s been the smartest and most worthwhile business investment we’ve made! Everything we’ve received is above and beyond exceptional. We put our dreams and visions into their Dream Inspired hands and what they’ve created for us is the manifestation of our dreams coming true!

I highly recommend working with Shelby and Ana for their Vision, Professionalism, and Skill Sets. It’s an incredible asset to add to your growing business!” ~ Andy Katz, founder of Jewel & Lotus


Jewel and Lotus is a Socially Responsible, Earth Loving, Global Community and Ethical Marketplace for the prosperity of people and planet. We believe in Business for a Better World!

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