The Teacher Within

Visual Brand Identity + Marketing Materials + Website Design

“You both truly care. You both get behind all of your projects and create a product that expresses a co-creation of inspiration (on the clients side) + passion (real passion, not that weak shit, on your side) which = LOVE, and lots of it!!!”
“After receiving my business cards and flyer, I took a step back and just starred at the finished project. I instantly loved them! It was like something inside me said, “okay, now we can finally share this work and feel really confident that my idea will come across clearly with style.” Which for me is always something that held me back from wanting to paint the town with the previous flyers. So, to say it clearly, I felt more confident about sharing something that dear to my heart, that in the past I was too reserved to share. For that I cannot thank you both enough! Thank you! I love you both!!!” ~ Greg Matigian, founder of Our Visionary Life

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    Our Visionary Life
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