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DID visits Erewhon

It’s not every day that you get to eat like the gurus, being able to select your nourishment from the finest of wholesome goods. So, today, we are celebrating the existence of Erewhon Market (a Los Angeles based organic & artisan food mecca), and we’re especially thrilled because three of our amazing clients have their high-vibe products carried there.



Succulent Cuisine

Owner : Adriana Rivera

What we DID for Succulent : Brand Visual Identity (logo, fonts, color palette, photography) + Label Designs, Printing on tree~free paper with veggie based inks

Why Succulent is amazing : Adriana makes THE BEST organic raw custom cakes, jing bars, green bars… Everything is raw, vegan, gluten free, and refined sugar free. She has dreams of opening a Succulent Cafe in Long Beach, CA…a space where we could experience love harmony & beauty through raw vegan delectables…this girl dreams awake!

Website : Coming soon!

Instagram : @amonkii

Fine Feathers Kombucha Co.

Owners : Jay + Jodine

What we DID for FFKC : Brand Visual Identity, Glass Bottle Design, WordPress website

Why FFKC is amazing : Their raw, organic, hand-crafted kombucha puts larger brand to shame! They are a Long Beach City Green Recognized Business. Their sinks collect organic waste (which is then donated for compost to Foodscape) and no energy is used to brew booch. ”We strive to create a paradigm shift and educate people about healthy living and building better communities.” ~FFKC

Website :

Instagram : @finefeatherskombucha



True Essence Organics

Owners : Mahan Deva + Mukhande

What we DID for TEO : Brand Visual Identity + WordPress Website

Why TEO is amazing : These “flavorologists” create supremely HIGH quality Chocolates and Cashew Nutters: Handcrafted ? Stone Ground ? Wild Harvested ? Organic ? Raw ? Vegan!

In addition, they wild-harvest spring water and deliver it in glass bottles within the Greater Los Angeles area.

Website :

Instagram : @trueessenceorganics


If you are in the general LA area, be sure to visit Erewhon – especially for a bite or juice or treat or meal! And while you’re there, we recommend you pick up a Jing Bar from Succulent Cuisine, a Green Algae ‘booch from Fine Feathers Kombucha Co. and some Chocolate Cashew Nutter from True Essence Organics.