TIDES 2016 Moon Calendar PRE-SALE NOW OPEN

we are so excited to announce the launch of our TIDES 2016 MOON CALENDAR
fully biodegradable + compostable, printed on banana paper with vegetable-based inks! Limited Edition (only 222 calendars will be printed)

For those of you who like to plan ahead these calendars make amazing gifts also.

More than a calendar, the journey within these pages offers you the opportunity to strengthen your spirit during this coming year of 2016. You will enjoy a multitude of visual inspirations that will guide, ground and help you actualize your personal and business visions. Each month, potent photography will inspire you. A beautiful affirmation crowns each month’s guidance and provides a powerful tool for daily cultivation of the garden of your dreams.


Dream Inspired Design 2016 Calendar

We have put so much heart + thought and symbolism into the design and the spiral is at the core of our calendar’s meaning: we were excited to create beyond the linear/ grid/ patriarchal/ Gregorian/ traditional approaches to calendar design. We chose the spiral because it is a shape representative of the micro/macro meaning we are sharing. It is an ancient shape, as well as a symbol of the conch and thus woman, our human relation to the moon and its cycle of light/dark as a reflection of our own (feminine) womb cycles. Our calendar is an invitation into this more natural/primal/feminine interpretation of the progression of time and our place on this planet.

Our larger intention for this calendar is for women + men to re-attune their connection to the moon cycle by drawing attention to the organic cycle and movement of darkness and lightness rather than focusing on the artificial counting of days/weeks/months of the Gregorian tradition (although it is still referenced for ease of use in modern life). Each cycle has its own page so that people can really be present to each moon cycle, with a space below for them to write in guiding words and intentions/realizations.

Each of the 14 lunar cycle designs begin always with the new moon, the entire calendar extending from Dec 2015 – Jan 2017.

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