2017 Conscious Holiday Gift Guide by Dream Inspired Design

Everything in this Gift Guide is something we love


Made by amazing clients + friends we love


We’ve curated a collection of conscious gifts for the holy*day season. Below is a conscious gift guide to make it easier on you to choose heart felt offerings for loved ones. It also feels good to know the money you spend is supporting conscious business that are making our world an even better place.

“Although holidays and holy days can become times of obligation, confusion and even isolation, they are intended to bring us back to the sense that life is a gift continuously waiting to be revealed and seen anew. When we see with the eye of the heart, we see more truly who and what we love and find the beauty hidden within us as well. Traditional practices of giving gifts and giving thanks serve to demonstrate that we know in some way that there is an underlying wholeness and enduring holiness to life.”

~ Michael Meade, Mosaic Voices

For Spirit Minded + Hearted

Sacred Intentions Deck by Jenny Ahn + Anita Sundaram
Body Light Print by Elena Ray
Bath + Meditate Sets by Incausa
Ambrosia Elixirs by Ambrosia

For Yogis + Yoginis
Skype Sessions with Yogacharya Sanjay
Crystal Malas by Love Light Bliss
Churro Sheep Pelt by Shepard’s Lamb

For Moon Lovers
2018 Moon Calendar by Dream Inspired Design + Julia Corbett
Moon Priestess Hair Crown by Achintya Devi

For Art + Design Lovers
Art by Christy NM Hall
Ceramics by Yiyi Mendoza
1 Litre Orb Bottles by Live Spring Water

For Activist + Social Justice Lovers
Buy wishlist items for Tijuana Birth Clinic – Parteras Fronterizas / Maternidad de la Frontera
Donate to help establish Tijuana Birth Clinic – Parteras Fronterizas / Maternidad de la Frontera
Plant a Moringa Tree by Tierra Moringa

For Students of Life

Art of Money by Bari Tessler
The Power of Off by Nancy Colier
The World Behind the World by Michael Meade
Thank and Grow Rich by Pam Grout
Creating Money by Orion and DaBen
The Hart Method by Armando Hart

For Self-Care + Beauty

Women’s Wellness Bundle by Women’s Wellness Movement
Venus Planetary Anointing Oil by Opal Elements
Mythic Medicinals by Mythic Medicine
Wild Rose Elixir by Flowering Earth Apothecary
Yoni Steam Throne by Radiant Moon Medicine
Health & Beauty Products by Anita Sundaram
Goddess Perfume by Feather Eagle Sky

For Foodies

Gold Nugget Ghee by Daniel Draskinis
Chocolate Truffle Box from anandamide
Succulent Cuisine Cookbook  by Adriana Rivera
Southwest Dark Chocolate 5-bar Gift Box by Wild Omen
All the Wei Dark Chocolate Assortment Box by Wei of Chocolate

Visual Branding Website Strategy Services by Dream Inspired Design

For Pregnant or New Mamas

La Matriz Birth Herbal Remedies by La Matriz Birth

For Earth Conscious Fashionistas

Eco Jewelry by Native Sol

For Rainbow Lovers

Rainbow Light Talisman Earrings by Dreamaya