5 signs you’re NOT ready for a branding or website redesign (and what you can do instead!)

As much as we love helping people refresh their visual branding and websites, we have to be honest: sometimes you’re just not ready!

(And that’s totally ok!)  

In this post we share our insights on how to tell that you’re not ready for this up-level, and what you can still do about it to grow your business!


Visual Branding Website Strategy Services by Dream Inspired Design


5 signs you’re NOT ready for a branding or website redesign


  1. You just started your business or haven’t started it yet. You know what you’re “going to do” but you’re not “doing it” yet.
  2. You’re still training for/gathering resources to start your business or share new offerings that you want to recenter your business around.
  3. You are overwhelmed by a multitude of ideas and directions to take your business/vision/mission to the next level and they all seem equally important, expansive, and vague.
  4. You have a friend that is willing to set you up with a basic first logo or website but you really want the professional experience even though you’ve just begun the branding process and have yet to dip your toes in the waters of copywriting.
  5. You have identified other areas of growth in your business (collaborating, networking, following leads, growing your list/platform/reach, etc) and think that these can only happen IF you have professional visual branding or a custom-designed website.

    Visual Branding Website Strategy Services by Dream Inspired Design


To get started we recommend:

Schedule a Business Visioning Session

A Business Visioning Strategy Session with Dream Inspired Design helps you become clear on your highest visions + dreams in business and life, which will prepare you to make your branding, website, and marketing. We’ll provide you with our expert guidance, having worked with hundreds of creative, visionary, heart-led entrepreneurs. Our service includes activating written and visual exercises followed by an in-depth call with us to bring clarity to your brand story, aesthetic and implementation strategy.


Thankfully there are tons of resources for you to first try doing-it-yourself:

  • Have a friend take some good photos of you + your work,
  • Find a font you like and settle on a basic color palette (Pinterest can help with this) to get a starter visual identity created,
  • Shop on budget graphic design platforms (99designs, Creative Market, fiverr, etc) for a simple logotype,
  • Use sites like Canva.com to make marketing materials (social media graphics, event flyers, brochures, business cards),
  • Set up your systems + documents on Google Drive/Dropbox/etc so that you begin to organize your processes and provide clients valuable content first and foremost.

Nurture the soul of your work

Your business’ real value lies in the benefit you offer your audience/client/customer. How are you making their lives better?  Truly, HOW? If you’re in your first years of business, this isn’t always clear. Your brand message and your ethos is still forming, transforming daily/weekly/monthly. We’ve found that it’s crucial to honor this seedling phase and nurture the areas of the business that will really help build the foundation on which it can thrive for years to come.

Give it a year, or two

Most of the amazing entrepreneurs that hire us have been eyeing our work for a year or two before they reach out and are ready to work with us, and we’ve found that this actually brings about the BEST results. Professional visual branding and a shiny new website aren’t everything – their true value only shines when a business has the foundation to benefit from a new level of professionalism and support. Give your business/vision/mission/project a year or more to gestate more fully – to develop your message, your offerings, your client praise/testimonials, etc. By the end of that time, you’ll have oodles of wisdom and experience to contribute to your ideal audience and the professional visual identity and website will help you be that much more effective at communicating your message to your people — the thing of hugest value here is actually your message, the branding is just the icing on the cake.


Visual Branding Website Strategy Services by Dream Inspired Design


We’re here to help you!

Dream Inspired Design operates at the frequency of your highest visions and can reflect them back to you, even before you’re ready to begin designing your visual identity and website – We have so many great tools and suggestions to share with you! We support you at whatever stage of business you’re at, helping you hone in and magnetize the clients and customers YOU are here to serve. We want to see your conscious business THRIVE!

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