Business Structure Guidance Series: Pricing

Welcome to our tenth post in our Business Structures Series. We share practices we implement in our own business in hopes of facilitating dialogue with other creative, conscious entrepreneurs like you. If inspired, please comment with any questions or additional advice you would like to share on the topic.

Advice for pricing offerings, clarity & confidence in the energy exchange:

To find the sweet spot for pricing your offerings we recommend you start with a good understanding of your lifestyle and the in~flows and out~flows of money in your life. What does “thriving” look like for you? This is the foundation for determining what you would like to receive in order to thrive…and feel really good in your giving. You can also take a look at the websites of people in your field who you admire to see what they are charging for their services.

We post starting out pricing on our website. This helps our potential clients know if we are a fit for their project and if they feel excited to spend the amount we request in exchange for our services. If someone is not receptive to your pricing you can take it as a sign that you are not meant to work with them. “Thank you, Universe!”

One of the most important things to remember is that your services create value for others.

Money comes from attuning to your soul’s wisdom, serving others, and putting the energy around you into a higher order, greater harmony, and a more beautiful state.”
~ Sanaya Roman + Duane Packer

Money is an amazing tool that can support the creation of a conscious lifestyle and business. It is the energetic lifeblood that runs through a thriving business. Money can be a heavy issue for many and it is time to lighten it up with more fun, play and imagination! Money is energy and is sacred. We choose to use this amazing tool to support the creation of a more creative harmonious world.