Natural Cleaning: Energize Your Workspace
Herbal and Citrus Vinegar Recipe

This is the first of a series on homemade cleaning recipes to energize your workspace.  

Harness the simplicity of natural ingredients to powerfully cleanse your home office! Enjoy the renewed clarity and joy from delicious smelling herbs and citrus beautifying your work environment and transfer those oh-so-good feelings to your business.


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Ingredients for Natural Cleaning

WHITE VINEGAR: antibacterial. cuts grease. dissolves mineral build-up. inhibits mold & mildew growth.

Something you should stock up on and always have on hand. It reacts (fizzes) with baking soda, aiding in drain cleaning and stain scrubbing. If you don’t care much for the smell, scent it! (see herbal & citrus vinegar blend recipe).

BAKING SODA (aka sodium bicarbonate):absorbs odors. mild abrasive. breaks up grease & oils. deodorizing.

a miraculous mineral! Also inexpensive and tremendously essential in the realm of non-toxic cleaning. Buy it in bulk (4lbs = $4) and keep it in your kitchen and bathroom for convenient access.

LIQUID SOAP (aka castille soap):

look for those soaps using a vegetable oil based surfactant and clean ingredients (such as Dr. Bronner’s or Kirk’s)

LAVENDER: antimicrobial. antifungal.

EUCALYPTUS: antimicrobial. antifungal. deodorizing.

TEA TREE: antimicrobial. antifungal. deodorizing.

LEMON & OTHER CITRUS: cuts grease & oils. disinfectant. deodorizing. antimicrobial.

PINE: disinfectant. deodorizing.

ROSEMARY: disinfectant. deodorizing. antifungal.

PEPPERMINT: antimicrobial. deodorizing.

CLOVE: antimicrobial. antifungal. deodorizing.  


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Herbal and Citrus Vinegar Recipe

Scent your vinegar for more energized cleaning!

To a bottle of white vinegar add the peels of citrus fruits (oranges, lemons, limes, grapefruit) or whole fresh herbs such as rosemary, lavender, cloves and peppermint.

Let stand for at least two weeks to infuse.

Strain vinegar before use. You can return the peels/herbs to the bottle to continue infusing. When the vinegar is used up, you may compost the spent herbs and peels.

Use this vinegar as a cleaning product alone or in the recipes that we will post in following posts.

Note: When you use this herbal/citrus vinegar in your cleaning recipes, you can avoid using essential oils which is worth our attention! It takes SO MUCH plant matter to make each drop of precious E.O. so we should be thoughtful in our consumption of these valuable resources.