About Dream Inspired Design

In all that we do, we hope to inspire you to seek more ease, beauty, meaning, and relationship to spirit in your life, work, and service.

Dream Inspired Design was birthed in 2013 from a desire to support conscious individuals, projects and businesses to step into more of who they are and what they are here to uniquely contribute to the world. There are dream seeds planted in the hearts of many waiting to be realized and expressed that contribute to evolution of our planet, meeting the needs and desires in the here + now. If we act upon these visions we are fulfilling our highest callings and allowing our deepest gifts to serve the collective good. Life becomes more…more beautiful, more awesome, more fun for us all!

Dream Inspired Design is here to serve those bringing forth and acting on these fresh, new, highly intelligent dreams + visions.

:: What Dream Inspired Design Means To Us ::


It’s almost absurd to give special attention to the deep realm of Dreams – with our culture so heavily fixated on action in a very limited reality… all this culminating in a depleted environment, unfair economies, and a broken spirit. We’re inviting the dream realm forth, inspiring folks to merge their dreamscape with their reality in order to attain a new level of humanity, health, wholeness.


To in-spire is to invite SPIRIT IN and this speaks to another normally ‘invisible realm’ that has been destroyed and nearly abolished by mainstream culture over the years. In this business as in our lives, we are in reverence to the unseen creative forces that reside within all of us and everything on this earth and beyond. We do not shy away from it. We play with it and create with it.


We call this act of deliberate creation ‘design’ — We begin in the dream realm, and spirit moves through us, through our breath in this earthly body, animating our cells, our brain, our heart, our limbs so that we may consciously think, speak, and be. So, “Design” relates to our business’ foundation in providing offerings that ground inspired dreams into reality for the benefit of all.

How DID began…

Two star-crossed, fiery dreamers found themselves with a shared vision and complimentary gifts in Long Beach, California in 2013.

They were called to offer their talents in service to optimizing and harmonizing humans’ relationship to the Earth through vibrant design and holistic marketing for conscious change-making businesses.

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A little about Ana Belén Salatino

I am standing for a conscious life, for celebrating diversity, for responsibility, integrity, connection + community, for opportunities to help each other, for all-around heart-led living. I am passionate about right livelihood for all, for self- empowerment, for unity + perseverance, for environmental restoration, conscious consumption, synergy, and a new win~win economy. I believe our highest purpose is to put our creativity to use in its highest form: to discover and explore new ways of living in harmony with ourselves, each other, and all things; to be uniquely ourselves and encourage others to be in their genius. May we all seize the daily opportunities to shine and inspire and uplift each other.

A little about Shelby Sanchez

I am standing for the dreams seeds that are planted in the hearts of many on earth. I am standing for making time and space to listen and tune IN to our highest visions and dreams. I am standing for FUN~pleasurable~EASE*y ways to realize them for the highest benefit of all. Like the bees if we are clear on our unique gifts/roles and know we are here to co~create with one another, we can truly make something beautiful (the hive + golden nectarous honey). There is SO much more…higher paths…higher realities available to us all here and now. I am passionate about grounding these higher visions and dreams seeds….I want to experience and learn from this new, fresh, alive, enlivening, life~giving information, people, businesses, and creations.

We offer you our combined gifts, dedication, and enthusiasm to bring your dreams to fruition!

Working with us means you have our full presence, support, and encouragement.

Visual Branding Website Strategy Services by Dream Inspired Design
You are more than your thoughts, your body, or your feelings. You are a swirling vortex of limitless potential who is here to shake things up and create something new that the universe has never seen.
~Richard Bartlett
Visual Branding Website Strategy Services by Dream Inspired Design