Magnetize E-book


To Attract Your Dream Clients + Customers

Take your promotions and marketing to the next level!

This 4 week challenge is for those of you who have been struggling to celebrate and promote your business + offerings.

We’ve structured these tips as a (Monday, Wednesday, Friday) challenge so you can set new rhythms and patterns to create new ways of being that you can continue to implement and take inspired action on throughout 2018.

We recommend dedicating yourself to do each weekly challenge, but you can also take it at your own pace and the prompts will support easy implementation.

The more authentic and from the heart you are in your marketing and communication the more excited your ideal customers and clients will be to find you and hire you or purchase your products.

Be open, consistent and magnetize!



I experienced so many transformations! Mostly guided inspiration reminding me that this is a spiritual journey as well as reminding me to be gentle with myself, and think of giving and giving away as much as receiving. (so powerful!) I also felt I was given a big “permission slip” to do things that I felt hesitant about in the past.

Contacting someone I admire and want to work with pushed me out of my comfort zone with great results! I also loved that you pushed me to become comfortable on social media– learning new technology for posting weekly videos, and just putting myself out there more. (I now LOVE Instagram!) Thank you!”

~ Nicole Ictertz, Artist

Robin Clark

“The biggest shift I got from this is changing my mindset from thinking about my business in terms of a task “I HAVE to do” to a joyful, life-giving activity “I GET to do.”

“I love that the tone of the challenge was positive & high-vibe. It reminded me to be similarly up-beat about how I address my business too. It sparked in me an uplifting shift to be excited about the positive possibilities available in taking regular, strategic action. And, it got me busy here/now while enlivening me about what’s ahead. “

Robin Clark, Coach + Photographer

Receive Actionable Tips Each Week

Monday, Wednesday, Friday

This is for you if you want to:

+ Attract more money, clients/customers and opportunities

+ Make money based on being yourself in the world, by providing value + service to others

+ Break habits that prevent you from growing your business

+ Learn through actionable practice how marketing can be easy, enjoyable + fun

In this 4 Week Challenge you will learn:

+ Actionable weekly practices to becoming magnetic to your clients/customers

+ How to change your mindset from thinking about my business in terms of a task “I HAVE to do” to a joyful, life-giving activity “I GET to do.”

+ Why marketing is central to successful money-making

+ How to align yourself with next-level prosperity in your business




“The prompts really helped me get clear about who I want to sell my products to, and how to become more relatable to these people. A fear of mine has been to use my voice and be heard, and the prompts helped me realize that breaking through this fear will help me connect with more people who may be interested in my products. I liked how the questions encouraged thought about customers and what service/ products would feel the best to offer them and why. I also loved the opportunity to write out my highest vision of my life, it brought me clarity. It definitely added more life, inspiration and purpose to my business.” 
~Brielle Martell, Medicine Ethereal


“What I liked most about the marketing challenge was feeling empowered to reach out to influencers and other makers to collaborate. I’ve been wanting to do that for a while and I’ve been scared and this helped me feel a bit more confident to do that with the exercises of reaching out! Reaching out to past customers and clients has been awesome as well as folks I’m interested in collaborating with. It feels inspiring and glad this gave me a little push to do that. The transformation I notice so far is re-connecting with my business and remembering the beauty and magick that I offer and that I’m proud of how far I’ve come.”
~ Julie Benefico, Opal Elements

Ready to take your promotions and marketing to the next level?!

Take this 4 week challenge and experience feeling GREAT marketing yourself!