Client Praise + Testimonials

We are in service to socially-conscious entrepreneurs.

These folks are deep thinkers-feelers, action-oriented, empowered, excellent communicators, connected to their genius and its unique value. They are creators + teachers of valuable and timely information, products and services, full-time beauty-seekers and producers, nature-revering spiritual beings, and self-care oriented community leaders who are ready to come forward and share their message with the world.

Here are some of their heartfelt words in praise of their experience working with DID. We hope they inspire and ignite you to feel a confident, whole-body YES for working with us too.
Visual Branding Website Strategy Services by Dream Inspired Design
“The darlings at Dream Inspired Design asked all the right questions to help me hone my vision, and then created an image that was exactly what I wanted, but untold orders of magnitude better!

The process of distilling years of dreaming into one image and tagline was an absolutely joyful & empowering one with Shelby and Ana guiding me. Thank you dear star sisters, thank you!!!”
~ Amber Magnolia Hill, Mythic Medicine

Visual Branding Website Strategy Services by Dream Inspired Design
“Hiring professional support is crucial to my experience and success as a conscious business woman.

I invest in their services because it saves me time, provides clarity, ease, accountability, and structure. We help root each other and watch each other grow. Dream Inspired Design has guided me through web development, branding, and other backend stuff so I can focus on healing with my hands and continue creating from my heart and womb. Our meetings are full of laughter, joy, and mujeres getting shit done. Together, we rise. When wombyn support each other, incredible things happen. So glad I found you beauties!”
~ Panquetzani, Indigemama

“Seeing my brand board makes me feel that I am understood… and that brings me relief.

That relief brings me confidence and for this I say thank you. I feel like I can continue building my practice and vision fully supported by an accurate in depth visual brand identity.”
~ Tema Mercado, La Matriz Birth

“I am so beyond grateful for the activated vision that came through for my new logo designs.

I feel so connected to the imagery that came through. It was something that I was seeing, but was unable to make it real on screen. It represents so many aspects of me, my work, my spirituality, my medicine, and my connection to the earth & stars. I feel so grateful to have this sacred symbol that so uniquely embodies my soul work in this world. Thank you for your support all the way through! It was a very magical journey to work with you both!
~ Laura Brown, Radiant Moon Medicine

“I absolutely LOVE what you have created!

I truly think you are brilliant! Thank you for putting such time and care into it for me.”
~ Shelley Rahim, Sacred Birth Journey

“It’s been an outstanding journey together with you in the creation of my branding and website.

You have an amazing ability to hold the container, and guide your client through it. Which is really what I needed. That’s what I do for people, and I needed that done for me.

“You really got me. Like, you really got me! You actually understood what I’m up to and you entered my world to help me bring it out visually. That’s really valuable. It’s very rare and hugely valuable that you can help a leader who has been cultivating a rich inner life and needs to bring it out and hasn’t necessarily been expressed visually before, or fully out in the world. This is the time and you have this ability to enter that person’s world, and the sensitivity, and the consciousness to be able to understand that world and bring it out.

“I valued your attitude, your professionalism, your structure, your process, your sensitivity, the way you were able to say, “okay, we only have a week left and here’s what has to happen by what day,” like that balance between the creative and the structure. When there’s structure so much can flow. There was no lost energy because the structure was there. And that was really, really powerful.”
~ Lisa Berkovitz

“The quality of work being done here is superb and the results magnetizing.

“Each element of the process was clearly laid out and destined for success. Shifting our visual identity has felt INCREDIBLE and it has helped us clarify the energy we are spreading in the world. I now have tools to design my own flyers and hand outs which is a huge bonus. Thank you so very much!!!

“I liked how I was able to provide my vision and then trust Ana and Shelby to make something beautiful out of it. Handing over that process was such a relief and delight. Shifting our visual identity has felt INCREDIBLE and it has helped us clarify the energy we are spreading in the world. I now have tools to design my own flyers and hand outs which is a huge bonus.”
~ Amara Dreamer, Wildheart Nature School


This is gorgeous, and far exceeded my expectations! Thank you!!!!”
~Daniel, Gold Nugget Ghee

“I loved the brand discovery questionnaire so much! It helped me connect deeply into my soul purpose and discover what I really want to get across to the world with my business.

It took me hours to complete and I really sat with each question and wrote an in depth answer that truly resonated with me. I know that this process will help me so much with my marketing materials and website & it already has helped me find so much clarity in my vision. This element inspired me to dream even bigger and I felt a fearlessness within myself to accomplish anything I desire. Now it feels like it is all coming true! Dream Inspired Design gave me the tools to help me thrive and from this I will be able to help others do the same!
I have benefited exponentially from DID services!! I am so in awe of the beautiful work Ana + Shelby created. It literally couldn’t be anymore perfect. I have felt really nourished each step of the way by you really taking the time to understand what I am looking for. I appreciate how much time was spent fine tuning the details and uncovering the most beautiful aspect of my business. My labels, graphics, symbols, fonts, everything is so incredible and worth the investment. People are really impressed when they see how professional my new graphics are and that they are still a cosmic & witchy wonderland of expression and inspiration. I feel like I can proceed with my business never having to worry about what my vision is and feel like it is a pure and authentic declaration of what Opal Elements is about.”
~ Julie Benefico, Opal Elements

Visual Branding Website Strategy Services by Dream Inspired Design

“We have felt soooo held and supported by you throughout the entire creation process.

Sending so much love to you!”
~ Joanne Ameya Cohen, Woman Rising School

“I feel so happy and full of gratitude for this experience.

Thank you both so much for your work and love and support throughout this whole process.”
~Allison, Women’s Wellness Movement

“Thank you both for such heartfelt and inspired work on my site. It is beautiful and you conveyed my essence which was what I was hoping for.

So, despite initial discomfort with being “exposed”… I am thrilled with it and know it will bless my work and be a most magnetic vehicle for allowing amazing clients and connections to find me. The feedback I am getting is incredibly positive and beautiful.
I didn’t realize until working with you both that Branding and website building could be such a potent journey and in complete alignment with my spiritual process. This is important work!”

~ Gaia Terza, Allies in Alchemy

Visual Branding Website Strategy Services by Dream Inspired Design

“It has been an absolute joy to collaborate with you both so far!

I have really enjoyed the brand discovery process so far. It is so fulfilling just to create the material and express the words. I look forward to continuing this process and every step of the way.”
~ Corrin Vecchitto, One Root Seven Branches

Visual Branding Website Strategy Services by Dream Inspired Design
“I am overflowing with love and gratitude. Thank you SO MUCH for the incredible, amazing, loving care you have both put into everything.

I received all the goodies the other day and have been exploring them and falling DEEPER and DEEPER in love with everything you two have put together and that we have all co-created.
Thank you for all your hard work, all the LOVE, and all the delicious intention you have woven throughout all the work. YAY! I am so grateful.”
~ Torie Michelle Feldman

“My favorite part about working with you was the depth your process takes the client: asking us to navigate our truth:

Our inspirations, our unique gifts, and how that deep navigation process panned out so beautifully. Perfectly. You ladies rock. Thank you dearly for your gift!”
~ Aerina, Flowering Earth Apothecary

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