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2018 Moon Calendar (digital desktop + phone wallpapers)

We invite you to step into a new relationship with time, attuning to the cycles of the moon.

Each Lunar cycle contains the days from Full moon to New moon, with corresponding moon phases, a mantra for each cycle, and the astrological sign each cycle is moving through. The art for each cycle is attuned to the time, and reflects a beauty that we can be inspired by.

25 full moon and new moon cycles: starting with the full moon in January 2018 and ending with the last full moon of 2018.

MOON CALENDAR 2018 is a collaboration between Julia Corbett & Dream Inspired Design

All files + license will be sent to you, bundled into a compressed .zip file.

Digital Desktop is horizontal format and phone wallpaper is vertical format.
Desktop File Dimensions (two sizes): 1920×1200 AND 1920×1080 pixels / JPG format
Phone File Dimensions: 1242×2208 pixels

**Please allow 24 hours from time of purchase to receive the files**

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Magnetize E-book : 4 Week Marketing Challenge to Attract your Dream Clients + Customers

Take your promotions and marketing to the next level!

This 4 week challenge is for those of you who have been struggling to celebrate and promote your business + offerings.

We’ve structured these tips as a (Monday, Wednesday, Friday) challenge so you can set new rhythms and patterns to create new ways of being that you can continue to implement and take inspired action on throughout 2018.

We recommend dedicating yourself to do each weekly challenge, but you can also take it at your own pace and the prompts will support easy implementation.

The more authentic and from the heart you are in your marketing and communication the more excited your ideal customers and clients will be to find you and hire you or purchase your products.

Be open, consistent and magnetize!

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Business Guidance for Soul-Led Creative Entrepreneurs E-book


Evolve your business from ‘busy-ness’ to something more like ‘bliss-ness’!

Sign up to download our free e-book of insightful + playful practices + structures
you can start implementing in your business right away.

We offer you our combined gifts, dedication, and enthusiasm to bring your dreams to fruition!

Working with us means you will have our full presence, support, and encouragement.

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You are more than your thoughts, your body, or your feelings. You are a swirling vortex of limitless potential who is here to shake things up and create something new that the universe has never seen. ~Richard Bartlett
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