Ways we give back – DID Contributions for 2018 Branding + Website Projects

In honor of each project + client we give back to organizations + causes close to our hearts (clients pick :). These organizations and individuals inspire us


1) Parteras Fronterizas/ Maternidad de la Frontera

A group of midwives providing ALL of Tijuana and especially migrants comprehensive and respectable maternity care regardless of social economic or legal status.

Prenatal Care for Migrants includes:

Transportation to and from our clinic

Group & private prenatal consults

Ultrasounds & lab work

Vitamins and medications

In addition, we work with migrants to help them understand what paperwork is needed to obtain a Mexican Birth Certificate.


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2) The Empowerment Plan

A Detroit based organization focused on educating, employing and empowering homeless individuals to create a better life for themselves and their families while producing a humanitarian product for those in need.

The Empowerment Plan employs and trains homeless single parents to manufacture a garment that serves as both a coat and a sleeping bag. These coats are then distributed back to those in need across the nation.


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3) The Long Beach Depot for Creative Reuse

Mission: To encourage, inspire and promote fun ways to reuse items and materials “too good to throw away” for creative reuse projects.

A recognized City of Long Beach Green Business and currently the only Creative Reuse shop serving the Southern California area. Founded in 2008 by Lisa A. Hernandez and her Daughter, Yoshino Rosalia, their mission has been to encourage and inspire reuse of items typically destined for the landfills. “The Depot” promotes “unity in our community” through creative reuse and sharing. A Pepsi Refresh Project Grantee for Environmental Stewardship, the shop carries Scraps, Samples, Misprints, Overruns, Millends, Pieces, Discards, and other items that may be used for creative projects.


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4) Mosaic Voices

Mosaic seeks to inspire awareness through community activities and creative ceremonies that reconnect people to meaningful traditions and sacred ecologies of place, while offering opportunities for personal growth, spiritual awakening, and leadership development.

Mosaic’s projects include mentoring youth and awakening the wisdom of elders, finding common ground between those in opposition, shaping community events that unite people of various cultural and spiritual backgrounds, and encouraging greater understanding between people with diverse and divergent backgrounds and experiences. We address contemporary issues by combining traditional ideas and practices with fresh insights to reveal where new cultural forms can be conceived and developed.